How we ship

Effortless shipping with a fast, efficient process.

From information on container size to the convenience of booking shipments from the comfort of your office; from insights into local regulations and policies, to step-by-step guidance for every stage of your shipping lifecycle, we’re always looking to develop powerful solutions that save you time, money and effort

You’ve counted on us to help simplify and optimise your supply chain and drive down costs. You’ve relied on us to give you reach, reliability and flexibility for your international shipping needs. We’ve always delivered on your expectations. Here’s further testimony of how we let you take control of your shipping.

How to ship
Exper expert

Experience and expertise

With Safmarine, you get access to dedicated, experienced cargo experts to advise and provide safe, fast and economical solutions.

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Fleet Information

Fleet information

We give you access to over 600 fully-owned and chartered ships calling at 35000 ports every year.

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Container Dimensions

Container types and dimensions

Dry or refrigerated, oversized or break bulk. Whatever your cargo, we have the ideal container for your shipment.

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Surcharges Fees

Surcharges and fees

Ever wondered how the total cost of shipping your consignment from point A to point B is arrived at? Well, wonder no more.

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Rules Policies

Rules and policies

Individual regions and countries have their own unique set of regulatory requirements and policies that govern international shipping. Familiarise yourself with them here.

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Book a shipment, prepare documentation, print bills of lading, check sailing schedules, track your shipments, get invoices and more – at any time and from anywhere.