Reduce your paperwork and admin costs with MyFinance

A free online tool, MyFinance is the simplest and most convenient way to manage your shipping accounts with us.

From real-time updates on your account status to online payments and invoicing, MyFinance let’s you manage your financial shipping transactions online, significantly reducing your paperwork, cutting your admin time and reducing costs. It even gives you access to additional payment options in selected countries, such as SmartPay, a fee-less payment method that allows instant freight release. 

Simplify your shipping with MyFinance

  • See, track and download your invoices
  • Pay invoices online with just a few clicks
  • Easily raise disputes with Safmarine
  • See real-time updates on your account status


SmartPay is the smartest way to pay online. It is fast, easy, and enables instant freight release.

Learn more about SmartPay

Card payments

Online credit card payment is simple and convenient.

Learn more about card payments

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Book a shipment, prepare documentation, print bills of lading, check sailing schedules, track your shipments, get invoices and more – at any time and from anywhere.