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We bring your customers within your reach


At Safmarine, we understand the need to reach your customers quickly in the simplest way possible. That’s why we have our end-to-end shipping solutions and a team of dedicated and experienced inland professionals to take your cargo right up to your customers.



From vessels and port, you can continue taking your business further and get to your customers’ door with our rail, trucking and barge services. Our global and local teams keep you updated digitally through all stages of your cargo’s journey. That way, you never lose sight of your cargo.


An easier way to simplify your supply chain

We have the logistics solutions to smoothen your supply chain and enable you to better mitigate unpredictability and uncertainty on a global and local scale.


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Our fleet of trucks and an extensive inland network offers a flexible point-to-point service over short and long distances.


With rail, you have the option of moving higher capacity at a great speed. This enables you to save time and improve efficiencies.


Reach smaller ports inland with our barge services that would be otherwise inaccessible by large main liner vessels.

Solutions that fit your supply chain

Our team of experts analyses your business process and then formulates easy-to-use logistics tools that fit your supply chain seamlessly. With our full-service solutions and a single point of contact, you can make your cargo journeys seamless.


A single point of contact

Get the assurance of a single point of contact throughout your cargo journey. This provides you quick access to our teams for any issues, last-minute changes or special requests.

? No more dealing with multiple suppliers or coordinating several handovers.

? One partner from start to finish covering port delivery, rail, trucking, and depot needs.

? A single point of contact for any issues, last-minute changes and special requests.


Digitised process

Our digital solutions reduce the amount of paperwork needed and provide you with a quick and secure way to keep track of all your documents.

? Quote requests, schedule, and rate lookup.
? Online booking, shipping instruction, documentation.
? Verified Gross Mass (VGM) submissions for free in just a few clicks.
? Empty return transparency.
? One platform with the same data format.


Reach newer markets

Our extensive network ensures faster movement of cargo and provides global coverage to reach every local market in the world. All this, while keeping your cargo in its optimum condition.

? An extensive inland network with trucks, rail and barge.
? Options for multiple stops, drop-offs and layovers.


Improved reliability

Our teams of global and local specialists work with you to make sure your supply chain flows smoothly and efficiently from end-to-end.

? Teams of experts to assist you from production site to unloading at destination.
? Addressing all your logistics-related queries.
? Drafting necessary plans to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.
? Helping you identify key areas of improvement to your supply chain.


Environmentally-friendly solutions

Together, we can reduce the carbon footprint of your operations with our industry leading low-CO2 shipping.

? Less carbon footprint due to intermodal transportation
? Multiple modes of transportation for a congestion-free transport solution

Safmarine spot


Safmarine Spot is a simplified way of booking your shipment that gives you all the information upfront, letting you avoid the perils of overbooking, vague pricing, and complex booking process.

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Local information

Our truck, rail or barge services can move your cargo quickly and smoothly from origin to destination – across different regions in the world. Moreover, our local teams are fully-fledged in local customs, regulations and routes that enable them to offer you personalised services and tailor-made solutions.


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