Always safe. Never sorry.

Introducing Value Protect

Value Protect is your simple and smart way to protect your cargo.


While we always do our utmost to take good care of your cargo, things can go wrong. Therefore we are glad to introduce you to our new solution to keep the value of your cargo protected from logistics-related risks. Value Protect provides alternative carriage terms that offer higher recovery limits on claims.
At competitive prices and all in a single place.



Why choose Value Protect

Peace Of Mind

With clear recovery tiers in Value Protect, you have less to worry about while shipping your cargo.

Simple Coordination

We will be your one-point contact for all your shipping as well as Value Protect related queries.

Less Paperwork

Since we already have all your information, no additional paperwork is required from your end.

Easy Pricing

Select a package and know the price up front. No complex calculations and no extra fees.

One Invoice

For your convenience, Value Protect will now be part of your standard shipping invoice.

Simple Claim Process

Less documents needed for fast resolution and surveyor appointed by Safmarine for some packages

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Find the right package to suit your needs:

Package Coverage Price/container
dry-1?Dry Starter Up to 15,000 USD 29 USD
dry-2?Dry Base Up to 30,000 USD 59 USD
dry-3?Dry Plus Up to 60,000 USD 118 USD
dry-4?Dry Extended Up to 120,000 USD 235 USD
dry-5?Cool Standard Up to 12,000 USD 39 USD
dry-6?Cool Advanced Up to 36,000 USD 117 USD


Special Cargo

Value Protect is the simple and smart way to protect your Special Cargo.

Your Special Cargo is very valuable to you – we know! That’s why, we have tailored Value Protect to cater specifically to your Special Cargo. So that it is always protected from logistics-related risks. With higher recovery level packages from Value Protect.

In addition to the Dry Packages – which you may avail for Special Cargo, you also have a choice between 2 new packages with higher recovery levels. This means that you can now choose the package that exactly fit your needs when shipping your Special Cargo.

Find the right package to suit your needs for your Special Cargo – all Dry packages also applying:

Package Coverage Price/container
dry-1 Dry Starter Up to 15,000 USD 29 USD
dry-2 Dry Base Up to 30,000 USD 59 USD
dry-3 Dry Plus Up to 60,000 USD 118 USD
dry-4 Dry Extended Up to 120,000 USD 235 USD
dry-5 Special Standard* Up to 180,000 USD 359 USD
dry-6 Special Advanced* Up to 240,000 USD 479 USD

Conditions apply: * The packages Special Standard and Special Advanced are valid only for the goods carried in Special Equipment (Open tops & Flat racks.). Value Protect is not valid for the Break Bulk cargo.

Value Protect covers cargo loss or damage in cases such as:

  • Fire

  • Fault or neglect in navigation or management of the ship

  • Accidents due to heavy weather or other dangers of the sea

  • Theft

  • Saving or attempting to save life or property at sea

  • Cyber incidents

  • Cargo damage caused by delay

  • General average contributions

*For specific details about recovery, see Value Protect terms and conditions

Talk to your Safmarine Sales Representative to include Value Protect in your future bookings.

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local Value Protect Sales Representative
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Should you have any immediate questions please read our FAQ

Value Protect does not apply to:

  • Commercial damages and financial losses incurred as a result of delays

  • Wrongful handling related to the shipper and inherent defects to the goods

  • Transport leg outside Safmarine Bill of Lading

  • Commodities: fish and seafood and some chilled fruits and berries

  • Geopolitical events

Commercial Terms:

When selected, Value Protect will be applicable for all shipments under agreed scope.
Compensation under Value Protect shall, in any event, be limited to and not be in excess of the purchased and applicable Value Protect package recovery.
It will cover the invoicing value of the damaged goods up to the recovery of the chosen value protection package.
Read full terms and conditions of Value Protect