Shipping to, from and within Europe

As the world’s largest trading region and a champion of the free market, Europe accounts for more than 20% of world trade.

Within this, ocean shipping accounts for approximately: 

  • 90% of Europe’s external trade
  • 30% of Europe’s intra-trade
  • 40% of intra-EU trade

From our network of European and international offices, we offer comprehensive services to, from and within Europe, connecting you to your key markets and trading partners across the continent and around the globe.

Intermodal services

Shipping is not just about ships. Most cargo also needs to be transported inland, often at both ends of its journey. That’s why we offer extensive intermodal services to connect you with inland locations across Europe and the world.

If you wish, we can even take care of your cargo for its entire journey, from pick up through to delivery.

Local expertise

Whether you need to import or export, our team of local and international specialists work with you to ensure you get the optimal shipping solution for your cargo – whatever its destination.

Together we go places

Shipping from Europe

Shipping to Europe

Shipping within Europe

Explore our comprehensive routes and schedules within the European continent.

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